On February 12,, Remington Outdoor Company Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of firearms in the U.S. said it was filing for bankruptcy. The main reason: Trump took office in January 2016.
While other countries have announced outright bans on cryptocurrencies, international finance hub Switzerland just took major steps to open its financial doors to all.
One of Ajit Pai’s first acts as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission was to drive rule changes which allowed broadcasting companies to significantly increase the number of stations they own. He is now under investigation for possible collusion on a deal which went down right after the rules changed.
After a fight which eventually turned his party against him, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa finally resigned on February 14. He leaves a mess behind him in a country whose future is important to all of Africa.
The Shanghai International Energy Exchange (SIEE) is slated to officially open on March 26 and will enable the purchase of oil using gold-backed yuan instead of U.S. dollars.